Seattle/Maui 2004

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Mount Rainier NP

Rainy, snowy, cloudy, foggy. Couldn't actually see Mount Rainier from Mount Rainier. This stuff is near it (I guess...)


Post Tom Skerritt Sighting
Space Needle
Seattle's famous...

Maui: Kaanapali

Sunset over Lanai from the lanai


26 mile ride down the volcano, pedaling mostly optional.

More Maui...

Maui North Shore
Blue skies at 10000 feet atop Haleakala
About to make a move...
Fourth day of clouds and rain

Maui, Lanai, and Molokai from 1000 feet

Shipwreck on Lanai
Our Piper Archer: N6169J
The pad
Mini-volcano near Haleakala
Haleakala South Slopes

Young Hawaiian Boy?

The John Belushi of cliff-divers:

Time to go home...

Standard day of departure weather

Taco Bells

Olympia, WA
The Dalles, OR
Lahaina, HI (empanadas?)